By Alexandre Arditti

In the heart of Marrakech and its medina, classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Sultana is one of those little hotel gems that you would like to keep for yourself. When you open the door of this exceptional establishment, you fall under the spell of such refinement and authenticity.

Located at the entrance to the walls of the Imperial City, a stone’s throw from Jema El Fana square and the Saadian Tombs, La Sultana Marrakech is one of those rare places, a blend of history and modernity. The hotel is actually made up of five riads, and it is through the courtyards and patios that one accesses the suites, as well as the terraces and the spa.

An ultra intimate hotel with incredible charm

At its very heart, La Sultana Marrakech thus preserves the specificities of Marrakech dwellings, with these windows looking inside onto the patio, the fountains and the multiple interior courtyards. Each riad has its own charm, its atmosphere, and the many nooks and crannies of the hotel give pride of place to the work of Moroccan craftsmen. When it comes to decoration, the rooms and suites plunge us back into the sweetness and magic of 1001 Nights, and play the card of antique furniture, collections of paintings and other works of art. The ceilings are all painted or sculpted while the noble materials, precious wood, copper, leather, are omnipresent, giving a specific warmth to the place.

Feast on Moroccan specialties

When it comes to gastronomy, La Sultana’s table showcases the best of Moroccan cuisine, which can be enjoyed in an intimate setting on the edge of the indoor pool, rocked by the lapping of calm water, or downright on the The hotel’s rooftop terrace with a breathtaking view of the Red City, time for a candlelit dinner that you will remember for a long time! And for amateurs, why not go to the other side of the mirror and offer yourself a personalized cooking class in the company of the Chef to prepare your favorite dishes: tagines, couscous, pastillas, pastries … Everything is possible provided you have pretty hungry! After having carefully chosen the products at the market, you will learn how to accurately dose the pinch of cumin in the chicken tagine with candied lemons, and unlock all the cooking secrets and the virtues of spices in local cuisine. And to finish in style, you will learn all about the essential ritual of mint tea.

One of the most beautiful spas in Marrakech

At La Sultana Marrakech, the spa is a true work of art dedicated to well-being. In the warm treatment rooms with traditional decoration, body and mind come together and form a relaxing ballet, under the movement of the hands of therapists as precise as those of a conductor. In addition to superb hammam rooms, the hotel also has an ionized and heated swimming pool with counter-current swimming. At the heart of the spa, imposing marble columns frame the rectangular basin of the immense jacuzzi, overhung by vaults and arches, forming a completely sumptuous backdrop straight out of the 1001 Nights. In terms of cosmetics, the spa has created a range of treatments under its own signature, based on argan oil and natural plant essences from organic farming. An ideal setting to let go, just a few hectometers from the hustle and bustle of the famous Place Djemaa El Fna.