Estelle Lefebure : Zen time on Saint-Barths island…

By Alexandre Arditti

Estelle Lefébure is radiant. The one who was one of the most famous top models on the planet displays the face of a fulfilled woman, juggling happily between her different roles as a model, actress and mother of three children. And if time doesn’t seem to have a hold on her despite a hectic life straddling Europe and the United States, it’s thanks to a healthy life balance around sport, yoga and diet. A method called ORAHE, of which she reveals the little secrets in a book full of advice to stay in harmony with your body and your mind. It is in Saint-Barth, far from the stress and in the magnificent setting of the Guanahani hotel, that the beautiful Estelle has chosen to take a break to talk to us about this gentle art of living, but also about her island of heart and his most beautiful journeys. Charming interview in sun, well-being and Caribbean mode!

What is the ORAHE method?

Estelle Lefébure: This is a method inspired by stand up paddle (water sport born in Hawaii that is practiced standing on a board with the help of a paddle, Editor’s note). It is a mix of fitness, pilates and yoga combined with a healthy diet. In Maori, “ora” means health and “ohe” means oars, hence the idea of ​​combining the two terms.

How did you come up with the idea of ​​making a book?

E.L. With my job, I have always had to pay attention to my lifestyle, my diet and my body, and I have also always played sports. I also conducted a lot of personal research on nutrition, met medical biologists and nutritionists, attended conferences… I wanted to deepen my knowledge and at the same time share this experience which reflects my style. of life.

What are the main principles of this method?

E.L. It is articulated in three stages: “eating”, with everything that revolves around nutrition such as organic and gluten-free food; “move” with a range of sports activities around swimming, paddle or brisk walking; and “being” for everything related to relaxation, meditation, stress management and letting go… The idea is above all to take care of yourself while having fun. The “being” part is very important: we often forget it, but meditation and relaxation are excellent ways to take a step back, to change your philosophy of life in order to take better care of yourself and above all to better live life. ‘present time. Many people are focused on the past with its share of negative feelings such as regrets, or on the future, which generates anxiety. As a result, they no longer really know how to take advantage of the present moment. The idea is to relearn a bit to feel good about all this.

Is this method accessible to everyone?

E.L. Of course, anyone can try it, even those who don’t do yoga or sports. The method is suitable for both women and men, although women are a little more present in relaxation or yoga workshops, while men go more towards physical activities such as fitness. However, believe me, some men could use a little meditation! (laughs). One thing is certain: many people would like to take better care of themselves but do not know where to start. I used to say: start by getting started and you will quickly get used to doing yourself good. And doing good is within everyone’s reach! You are currently staying in Saint-Barth, in the superb Guanahani hotel.

Are you going to organize courses yourself here?

E.L. Yes, the Guanahni Hotel got involved with me in this project and it is fantastic to be able to organize internships in such a setting. Here, everything comes together whether it’s for the practice of paddle, yoga, sports activities, and even at the nutrition level since I worked directly with the Chef to develop recipes specially adapted to ORAHE, from products organic and gluten-free. The aim is to offer courses over three or five days for people on vacation but also for residents of the island on a more ad hoc basis.

A typical day with you?

E.L. We start gently in the morning with an organic breakfast designed according to the orientation of the course: light detox or fitness. Then, we continue with a workshop of about 1h30, starting with a muscle awakening, then we continue with various exercises on land or at sea adapted to each level. After the lunch specially studied by the Chef, we resume with a new physical exercise a little more intense, to finally end with a session of relaxation and meditation, or with a massage in the superb spa of the hotel! But you can also design your program à la carte, take private or group lessons on a more ad hoc basis, focus on paddle fitness, relaxation…

Tell us about Saint Barth…

E.L. It really is my favorite island. I come here very regularly, both for family and professional reasons, and it is always with great happiness. I have always been drawn to this island. It’s a little paradise where you can come back many times, and where you immediately feel good, at home and in perfect safety, which is not necessarily always the case with other Caribbean islands. . There is a very peaceful side, very natural, because the island is very beautiful and very preserved. You can live in peace, a bit “in the wild”, but on the other hand if you want to see a few people or party for an evening, that’s possible too. It’s quite rare to have both at the same time!

What about Hotel Guanahani?

E.L. This is a wonderful hotel, one of the most beautiful in St Barths. It has an incredible double beach, the waters are crystal clear and calm, which is perfect for children. In the sublime bay of Marigot, you can even see turtles! At Guanahani, you immediately feel immersed in the Caribbean, with these beautiful Creole-inspired huts that are both colorful and very comfortable with the added bonus of a very pleasant terrace. When I’m here, I disconnect completely. The service is also exceptional and the hotel also has its own pontoon, from which you can practice all water sports, starting with stand up paddle!

Your favorites during this dream holiday?

E.L. I love the gardens: they are extraordinary, both flamboyant with a host of multicolored plants and flowers, and also very elegant: it’s the tropical postcard par excellence! My other favorite is the spa by Clarins: I could spend my days there! Here, the decor and the atmosphere transport you to Asia, more precisely on the side of Bali. I like this mix with this very zen Asian atmosphere at the spa and outside, the Caribbean landscapes. The place is very relaxing with a pretty pond planted with water lilies, you feel perfectly serene. The treatment cabins have outdoor stone showers, and in front of the swimming pool are placed daybeds to relax after a massage while sipping a fresh fruit juice. In this little cocoon, we take care of you from head to toe, inside and out, it’s the ideal place to take care of yourself, be calm, let go… Everything I ‘love ! You have traveled a lot thanks to your job.

But are you a traveler at heart?

E.L. I am from Normandy but I have always been used to taking planes since I was very young. When I was a child, we had family ties in Guadeloupe so that I spent many holidays there when my parents were working. I surely developed my taste for the islands there… Moreover, from that time on, I wanted to become an air hostess, perhaps already perhaps a desire on my part to want to escape! Later, my job took me to the four corners of the world.

You have lived and often return to the United States. Is it easy to live astride two continents?

E.L. Indeed, for years I sailed between Europe and the United States where I lived. I think that once you start living between two continents, it’s hard to stop, you almost become addicted! We always need to be on the move, to set off again, and above all we try to take the best of each culture. I started living in New York when I was working as a model, then I moved to California and I have to say that I have a fondness for the West Coast. I’m crazy about Los Angeles, it’s my adopted city! Maybe I would go back to live there one day, besides my children live there today part of the year.

A country that made you fall in love?

E.L. I fell in love with Bali, it’s my Buddhist side, I liked discovering this philosophy of life. Over there, there are also magnificent hotels, among the most beautiful in the world, in which the Balinese know how to transmit to you this serenity which characterizes them. As soon as you land in Bali, you are immediately disoriented. You immediately feel this soothing atmosphere: everything is soft, everything is done for your well-being, the people are so nice and the food is divinely good: I must say that I love Asian cuisine… More generally, I I have a weakness for the Indian Ocean and I had the chance to visit the Seychelles, Mauritius, Thailand: these are countries that inspire me!

And closer to us?

E.L. I discovered Capri some time ago that I did not know. I loved it, it’s so beautiful, really beautiful. No need to go to the other side of the planet to find such gems. Even in France, without going very far, there are extraordinary places like the Luberon region that I really like and where I sometimes stay. We are lucky to have wonderful regions.

A destination that you still have to discover?

E.L. The Maldives.

A place where you like to take refuge to recharge your batteries?

E.L. Without hesitation I return to Normandy, my native region where I own a family home. These are my roots. Every time I go back, I take a bath of youth and I leave fully rebounded! The rest of the time, I am based in Monaco, we are so good in the south!

Your next destination?

E.L. Well… St. Barts! I’m going back there soon as part of the Orahe internships and I’m still so excited to go back!


Thanks to Hotel Guanahani, St Barths

Hélène de Fougerolles : Under the sun in Saint-Tropez !

By Alexandre Arditti – Photos : Marc Montezin

She made movies with famous directors such as Patrice Chéreau (Le Reine Margot), Cédric Klapisch (Le Péril jeune), Matthieu Kassovitz (Assassins) and Jacques Rivette (Va savoir), a role for which she received the Romy Schneider Prize in 2001. Originally from Brittany, the lovely Hélène de Fougerolles was also part of the “La Plage” adventure, shot in Thailand with Leonardo di Caprio in 1999. More recently, the beautiful Hélène de Fougerolles burst onto the screen in the Balthazar series, before signing a nice success bookstore with a very personal book, Don’t worry, mum, you’ll be fine. A great traveler at heart, it was at the Château de la Messardière, one of the most famous palaces in Saint-Tropez, that we had the pleasure of meeting the actress for a glamorous and ultra-relaxing weekend. facing the Big Blue. Interview under the sun exactly!

Are you a frequent traveler?

Hélène de Fougerolles: Yes absolutely, I love to travel and I travel a lot, it’s part of my life. I started young, all alone with my backpack! When I was 17, I went to visit Greece, then two years later, I set sail for New York without speaking a single word of English or knowing anyone there… I found myself a waitress, then I took classes at the Lee Strasberg Theater and Film Institute.

Are you more the type to leave at the last minute or organize everything months in advance?

HDF: I am lucky that my job allows me to leave at short notice. It is not uncommon for me to take advantage of a week off between two shoots to fly to the other side of the planet, but not necessarily for very long stays. A week can be enough, no need to stay three months there to enjoy a great trip. I also love my job for that!

What are the countries from which you brought back the most beautiful memories?

HDF: In Asia, I would say Cambodia, Laos, Burma, Bali or even Vietnam where I went alone to celebrate my birthday a few years ago. I woke up in the early morning on a junk in Halong Bay, it was magnificent… In South America, Venezuela or Colombia, which I visited when Ingrid Bettencourt was held prisoner by the FARCs. I was not very reassured! And when it comes to paradise islands, the Maldives…

Are you fond of beautiful hotels?

HDF: I had the chance to discover superb establishments thanks to my job, but I also like to travel more simply, sometimes with Le Routard in my pocket. Until the age of fifteen, I spent my holidays in a fort in Brittany where we went to fetch water from the well so I knew how to adapt. That said, I still need a modicum of comfort, and I don’t want to share my bathroom with ten people either! (laughs)

For you, what is luxury?

HDF: Luxury is above all my freedom! You don’t necessarily need a lot of resources, but the main thing is to be able to escape, meet others, live beautiful moments… I appreciate luxury but I don’t seek it in itself, it all depends on the circumstances.

Are you more of a trek or a transat?

HDF: A bit of both. Let’s say that I alternate swimming and idleness with visits, markets, photos, but I’m not the type to go to the mountains for endless walks either…

You also like to travel alone, what does that bring you?

HDF: It’s true, in this case, I leave with my painting and I paint, I take photos, I wander around the markets; I like smells, colors, I recharge my batteries a little like that, in short, I forget everything! Sometimes I may even be a little too careless, I don’t always realize the danger. During a shoot in Gabon, I got lost all alone in the suburbs of the city, it could have been a bit risky… Same in South America, Venezuela or Colombia where you have to be careful all the same: guards monitor the hotels and it is highly inadvisable to walk around unaccompanied. In Asia, on the other hand, I never felt any sense of insecurity.

A particularly striking foreign shoot?

HDF: For Le Raid (by Djamel Bensalah with Lorant Deutch, Roschdy Zem, Gérard Jugnot and Josiane Balasko, released in 2002, Editor’s note), we left for no less than three and a half months in New Orleans, then in Venezuela, where I took the opportunity to learn Spanish. A great memory. These days, it is rare that we leave for such a long time for a shoot! You stay a few days in Saint-Tropez at the Château de la Messardière.

What inspires you here?

HDF: The hotel is really magnificent, perched on the hills in the heart of a 10-hectare park planted with pines and olive trees, and overlooking the mythical beach of Pampelonne. The view is extraordinary, facing the Big Blue. It is one of the most chic palaces in Saint-Tropez but the atmosphere is particularly relaxed, pleasant to live in, you really feel at ease there. As for the staff, what kindness: they have the sun in their voices!

Your favorites during this dream holiday?

HDF: The gourmet restaurant and its chef, David Millet! I loved the menu, varied, inventive, giving pride of place to the Mediterranean with bold little touches of herbs, flowers and the neat presentations. The sommelier, an enthusiast, also made me want to taste some pretty local wines, I who am not a great specialist… Finally, the hotel has a large swimming pool heated to 29° for the chilly, a spa with the Valmont and Cinq Mondes logo to be pampered without forgetting a beautiful private beach on Pampelonne – La Tropezina – where it is so pleasant to taste grilled fish with your feet in the sand while basking in the sun… A program that allows to enjoy the best of Saint-Tropez in peace!

In France, where do you like to pose your suitcases for a weekend away from Paris?

HDF: Of course, I love Brittany, where I come from, even if I need the sun to recharge my batteries. I recently discovered Aix-en-Provence where I often stay lately. People seem happy there, it’s a little more beautiful life but I loved this city: in the south, there is this art of living with the sun, the markets, the vegetables, the small villages …

Thanks to the Château de la Messardiere – Celebrity Consulting: Ritter Consulting