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Welcome to New York's temple of luxury and premium service. At The Pierre, it all starts with the elevators, the backbone of the establishment, and their keepers, the lift operators who work 24/7. Their uniforms appear to don as many golden buttons  as the hotel has floors, and you'll have all the time to admire them with each elevator trip. Since its foundation in 1929, The Pierre and its copper covered roof has always been at the height of fashion. Its elegant floors and tea room are thus the site of a daily parade of New York personalities and visitors with refined tastes. Refinement is precisely the hotel's philosophy. The walls of the 202 suites are covered in hand painted silk hangings, and the bathrooms feature an antique look with deep set bathtubs, all dating back to the late 1920s, to which modern luxuries and comforts have been added. Yet it is the quality of its service that made The Pierre so famous. The courtesy and dedication of its staff are legendary, the likes of which Jackie Onassis loved to experience here almost daily. A must visit to discover New York's very Upper East Side chic.

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The Pierre New York,

Fifth Avenue at 61st Street, New York

NY 10021, USA

Tel : +1212 838 8000

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